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Naoki Zushi --Live 150 Limited Edition Released on January 1th! !!The Gyun Autumn Festival held at the 16 Fandango by Naoki Zushi, one of Japan's leading underground guitarists, who is an original member of Hijokaidan and is currently active in Nagisa Ni Te. We will release a live performance of the trio formation in Japan on a cassette.Performances that let you hear the essence of the Japanese psychedelic underground represented by the naked Larry's (les rallizes dénudés) and the Fushitsusha are shown, and it is worth mentioning that "May the flowers bloom". Unlike the beautiful version like a flower that blooms delicately to decorate the end of the 2006th album, it is a heavy psychedelic version that even feels intense passion, and the headman himself said, "As a live performance of this song, It may be the best, "he said.Also, the lyrics, which are like the universal question since the birth of human beings, where humans come from and where they go, are wonderful, and we should listen to each of those words.The dubbing was handmade one by one on a Nakamichi cassette deck with automatic recording head azimuth adjustment. -Label commentary Naoki Zushi --Live ...
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