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DJ Chart by Takamitsu Ohta

09.11.2020 0 Yori Taka
DJ Chart by Takamitsu Ohta
What I missed at the door.It's a collection of sound sources packed with the recorded sounds of short installations, and I listened to it while imagining what kind of installation it was like a performance from a little information.

The title that arrived at the door.The title is a combination of the recent mysterious sound of Maestro and the sound of nerve cramps.I wonder if I can't hear that tingling sound anymore ...

The title purchased by Mr. Door.The music is made of materials that deal with noise, but the experimental colors are moderate and easy to listen to, and I often listen to it to rest my ears.

4.  Simon Fisher Turner / Edmund De Waal --Quiet Corner In Time
Mr. Simon who is also the store BGM of UPLINK.Music for their exhibition hall made in collaboration with ceramic artists.It was the sound of pottery, and it was music that floated on the boundary between noise and ambient.This is also an ear rest board.

5.  Kuniharu Akiyama-Ambient music for the Tokyo Olympic Village cafeteria
It seems that the music was made for a place like the title, but with the BGM that sounds like a deer and a bell, the players could have a peaceful chat while listening to this. I wonder if.I would like to see if there is a documentary video of the cafeteria at that time.

6.  VA tsui (knd / Reizen / Hiroaki Maki / Takahiro Kawaguchi)
A record of an event sponsored by Mr. Kawaguchi that was held when the blockade of Corona in Tokyo was eased.It was an ambitious event to perform the same performance at another venue for two weeks in a row, and it was sold online immediately after the event, and it seemed to show the form of the event after Corona.I was surprised that all the performances were a little different from the traditional style.

7. Luciano Maggiore & Louie Rice --NO PA ON 2
A carefully constructed collaboration between two people working in London without using PA.Is something just a roof?You can hear the sound of throwing and the sound of walking on the floorboard.It is a recording of the sound of movement, but it is certainly a sound that is controlled as a performance.It would be ridiculous if you listened to it while watching it as a performance, but if you listen only to the sound, it is interesting to draw their movements.  

8.  Martin Erik Andersen --3 Angels / 3 Hjørner
Release from BIN in Denmark.A vinyl record with the sound of something bouncing on the strings.It is the same even if you hear it as B side as soon as there is some development.It seems to be a record of an installation that I went to privately in the room.I don't know if it was a public exhibition, but without any explanation, I just leave it to my imagination.

9.  Andrew Pekler – Sounds From Phantom Islands
A collection of music dedicated to the phantom island.Like the disappearing island he was looking for, while his stay in Japan was about to cease to be Corona, we accompanied him to a performance in Kyoto that was threatened until just before.I'm glad it didn't become a phantom performance ... It seems that there will be a split with Mr. Umezawa who was with me soon.A memorable piece.

10.  Anne-F Jacques, Ryoko Akama – Without
Akama's score
A record of each playing "without".I wonder if only the blank ruled lines that cover the cassette are the scores.I wondered if playing a score with nothing written on it is different from playing a flow of sounds that can only be found in the head that cannot be scored.

[Takamitsu Ohta]
Takamitsu Ohta is a Kyoto-based artist who focuses on phenomenon, environment and regionality in his site-specific installation works. He has exhibited installations since 2004, created sound-based performances since 2012 and has numerous publications including a monograph, Elemental Studies, which Introduces his installation works on Senufo Editions (Italy, 2017). He has played sound performance at CAfe OTO (UK) and Standards (Italy) in 2018. The latest activities is the release of sound works "Three Ways to Output from a Recorder" (CD | Careful Catalog, US, 2019), "three relations among the flock" (cassette | winds measure recordings, US, 2019). 

Created an installation focusing on the unique natural phenomena that occur from the place, land, and environment.In recent years, I have been trying to reconstruct the environmental sounds that I experienced by making sounds with the materials that I picked up at the places I visited.Published a collection of works "Elemental Studies" (senufo sditions, Italy, 2017).Recent activities include "Three Ways to Output from a Recorder" (CD | Careful Catalog, US, 2019), "three relations among the flock" (cassette | winds measure recordings, US, 2020), and a record of planned events "Unravel" There is a release of "Ear" (CD | 901 Editions, IT, 2020). https://soundcloud.com/takamitsuohta https://vimeo.com/user16175146