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Outside Time

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This cassette was released in June 2024 by Irish experimental musician/field recording artist Natalia Beylis on the experimental label Outside Time in Washington DC, USA, in a limited run of 6 copies. It contains four audio documentaries with a socio-ecological approach that combine field recordings, sound collages, and spoken word. DL code included. It also includes interviews with Sweathouse (Irish sauna)-related projects that were popular in Ireland in the 50s. Mastering was done by Andrew Weathers. The previous work is also recommended. Below is a description from the label. "At the heart of Natalia Beylis' music is the intertwined practice of listening and creating. She regularly foregrounds both field recordings and found instruments, building worlds around the strange sounds she encounters and allowing a process of recontextualization to create meaning from unexpected encounters. What emerges is a picture of her deep connection to her environment, whether that be the human community or the vast non-human world of life that surrounds her. This sense of connection is echoed in Lost - For...