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DJ Chart by Yuko Araki

05.04.2021 0 Yori Taka
DJ Chart by Yuko Araki

[Yuko Araki]
Yuko Araki (Room 40)
A multi-instrumentalist / composer based in Tokyo.He started playing the piano from an early age and was influenced by hardcore and metal music since he was a teenager, but in recent years he has a wide variety of eclectic projects and is a drummer of the oriental / tribal dream psyche band "Kuunatic". He is also a member of the neoclassical noise duo "Concierto de la Familia".And in the solo project, a harsh noise drone that superimposes samples of analog synthesizers, cymbals, and traditional Japanese instruments creates a harmony of abstract rhythm and dissonance, producing a sound that sounds like a noise orchestra.
Her outstanding sensibility to manipulate extreme, heavy and high-density sounds creates sounds that have never been heard before, and the dial tone of Manyo is rooted in Japanese noise music, and at the same time, it is It is a noise that is reminiscent of a galaxy that is far away.

Multi-instrumentalist / composer based in Tokyo, Yuko Araki started playing piano when she was a small child and in her teenage years was inspired by hardcore and metal music, but she soon became really eclectic and took on a diverse range of projects, including drummer of the oriental / tribal dream psych
band Kuunatic and founding members of the Neo classical noise duo Concierto de la Familia and her solo project: harsh noise drones layered by analog synthesisers, cymbals and samples of Japanese traditional instruments creating abstract rhythms and dissonant harmonies that sound like a noise or-chestra. Her exceptional sensitivity in processing extremely heavy and dense sounds makes the result sounding like nothing else you heard before: a thousand leaves oscillation sound at the same time rooted in Japanese noise but also totally different. Intergalactic noisescapes.
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iamelectricat/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yukoarakiii
Official https://yuko-araki.tumblr.com/
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/yuko-araki-tokyo