• Free shipping nationwide for purchases over 11,000 yen (tax excluded)

About shipping / Shipping

The shipping cost will be calculated automatically according to the total weight of the purchased item.In order to reduce the burden on the customer as much as possible, we will ship by click post or non-standard-size mail, so specify the delivery date and time andWe cannot guarantee damage / loss.please note that.

[Estimated shipping fee]
Up to 6 TAPEs: 220Yen click post with tracking

Up to 4 CDs / DVDs: 220 yen Click post with tracking

1 LP: 530 yen Non-standard-size mail No tracking

2 LPs: 730 yen Non-standard-size mail No tracking

3 LPs: 930 yen Yu-Pack with tracking

Shipping costs are automatically calculated according to the total weight of the item purchased. Standard offers the best possible price to our customers and therefore does not offer a breakage / lost warranty or tracking service. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur.
Please select Express Mail Service if you would like the tracking service. We also ship via Surface which is the cheapest option, however, it takes about a month or two to be delivered. 

Here are examples of the total price:

1 TAPE or CD: 270 yen
3 TAPES or 2 CDS: 450 yen
4 TAPES or 3 CDS: 630 yen
7 TAPES or 4 CDS or 1 LP: 900 yen