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DJ Chart by Leo Okagawa

26.11.2020 0 Yori Taka
DJ Chart by Leo Okagawa

1. Costis Drygianakis & Matt Atkins --Late April 

I couldn't avoid it as a noise fetish.A sound that gently stimulates the ears and a pure electronic sound with thin lines.The flow is overall while leaving a cluttered impressionI was conscious and liked it.


2. Eric Frye / Jeff Witscher --Where Does the Good Times Go

 Both songs are nightmarish acoustic works.No matter where I cut it, there was always a dissonant atmosphere, and I had a very shocking hearing experience in that I was shocked to hear it.


3. Horaflora --Eaves Drop

A collage with a unique atmosphere and texture.Elements such as human conversation and the sound of musical instruments were used as essences in various scenes in a quiet tone, and I felt the story.


4. João Castro Pinto --The No Land Soundscape

 The scenery you hear moves little by little, as if you were recording in the field while taking a walk in an unknown city.It is interesting that the sound of water and the voice of people change smoothly like a patch.


5. Karen Constance --Still Asleep

The style is very addictive, with a focus on repeating electronic sounds with a cheap texture.The art work by the person himself is also wonderful.Works of paired relationship[Still Awake]It is also recommended to listen together.


6. Tatsuhisa Yamamoto --Ashiato

Sometimes slowly, sometimes in small steps, the sound bounces around in the speaker.It's fun because there are curvilinear fluctuations as a whole, sometimes becoming musical and the environmental sounds gradually becoming rhythmic.


7. Will Montgomery & Robert Curgenven --Heygate / Looking for Narratives on Small Islands

Beautifully controlled and arranged faint electronic sounds and noises.You can feel the delicacy at a low volume, or you can enjoy it as noise at a high volume.Anyway, a wonderful work.

8. Yasumune Morishige --Ruten

Mr. Morishige expresses the tension that is tense to the limit with the squeak of the cello.The best way to feel its awesomeness is to watch it live, but if it's a work, this work is especially wonderful.Everyone, let's sit down and listen.

[Leo Okagawa]

Leo Okagawa is a sound artist in Tokyo, Japan. He started field recordings in 2014, and also started making multilayered collage works from elements such as recorded environmental sounds, analog noise, and electronic tones.
He also works on an improvised performance since 2017. Using electronics what is also used in his creation process, he explores the structural possibilities of sound through the combination of simple tones.

Sound artist. We started field recording in 2014, and recorded environmental sounds, analog noise, electronic sounds, etc. in multiple layers.CollagedCreate a work.
Also, from 2017, he will work on improvisation.Using the electronics used in the production, we are exploring the structural possibilities of sound by combining simple tones.